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Browse Zerotox' range of brushes and tools suited to Linseed Oil Paint Products

For the best result and a high finish use pure Chinese 90 tops pig bristle brush, choose your size and model depending on the surface.

If you choose a Yarn-wrapped brushes they can be improved by replacing the yarn with electrical tape. When washing with Linseed Soap, get rid of the tape and wrap them again. The tape can be stored in linseed oil. 

To get the longest life from your brush, store by hanging in a jar containing raw linseed oil.

Having trouple removing old paint?
Removing multiple layers of paint from an entire house is easy with The Silent Paint Remover! A fast, environmentally friendly, and labor saving way of stripping paint and varnish from wood surfaces.

Infrared heat will penetrate the surface and heating the mass behind the paint, this will draw out the moisture and the oils in the wood pushing the paint residue out of the grain resulting in an open wood grain. After the paint or varnish is removed you can prime immediately. When renovating windows, The Silent Paint Remover loosens paint and putty at the same time. 

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