Linus Wall Paint

A completely matt solvent free indoor paint

Linus wall paint contains linseed oil, water, cellulose glue, shellac and natural pigment. The paint can be used on all interior surfaces; wood, painted surfaces, plaster, wallpaper,whitewash, plasterboard, woven surfaces, papered walls and ceilings.

It produces a completely matt surface that is easy to touch up. Linus indoor solvent free paint can also withstands heat and is good on open fireplaces and behind stoves.

Create different shades
All Linus Wallpaint colours can be mixed with each other. Linus cannot be mixed with Linseed Oil Paint.

Linus and Primer
If the surface is very absorbent, such as plaster, woven surfaces, etc., the surface can be pre-treated with Primer. Primer reduces the risk of water damage, soot and nicotine showing through.

Linus for stencilling
Linus wall paint used without thinning or with the addition of chalk is excellent for stencilling.

Linus as a filler
Pour off the surface water. Do not stir the paint. It needs to be as thick as possible. If the paint is too thin to use as filler, add ground pumice. Use the paint to smooth joins in wallpaper and fill uneven areas. It can also be used as an undercoat on whole walls. Leave to dry and sand. Paint two coats as normal.


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